Check out my new home office – in the barn!

July 24, 2020 By Shannon Hayes Off

Okay, so it’s not MY new home office–but I wish it were! Check out how Cory Watilo transformed this old horse barn from junk storage into a really sweet home office. It just goes to show you, that with a bit of vision and creativity, anything is possible–even in the middle of nowhere! (Now that’s what I call Office Space!)

Here’s what it looked like before:


I especially like the  IdeaPaint that he used around his doors, to jot down his thoughts and ideas. It’s a special type of paint that dries into a slick white board surface, and you can write on it just like you would a dry-erase board.


And of course, the keyless entry and built-in speakers are nice touches.  Now all he needs is a little more home automation to control his sound studio and he’ll be all set!

Thanks to Lifehacker for posting this, and if you want to read the full details or see the step-by-step of what Cory did to create his rockin’ studio, click here.

Have you transformed a tired, old space into something spectacular? I’d love to hear about it! Give me a shout out below.