Changes for the New Year

September 25, 2020 By Shannon Hayes Off

Neither of us are big into New Year’s resolutions, but the recipes added to our blog will be undergoing some changes.

We’re weighing all of our food these days in a final push to get rid of bodyfat. All new recipes will include calories and weight measurements, and I’ll be making changes to the old ones when I have time.

Since my last post, we have switched entirely to Primal, so all the recipes, while still Keto-friendly, will also be Primal. While we stick fairly close to Paleo, we completed Whole30 and discovered we have no issues with dairy. Thus, many of our recipies will continue to include it. Basically our main goal in addition to the changes we made with Keto is that we cut processed foods and factory-farmed meat. Grains still sneak in when we have beer and Mexican food on cheat days, as does soy/corn/canola oils and factory-farmed meats when we eat in restaurants.

I am still eating in a 16/8 IF window. Originally the dinner we shared was the bulk of my food for the entire day.  Now that I’ve reduced my calorie intake to lose weight, I am finding myself too hungry right before bedtime. Thus, portion sizes are being reduced somewhat to allow for a few more calories before bed.

We’ll also be adding a bit more information about our weight-lifting throughout the year.

Looking forward to being healthier in 2013 than in 2012, and finally reaching our goal weights!