[CLASSIFIED] Kill the Q Syndrome. Take the Challenge

June 23, 2020 By Shannon Hayes Off

Note: This is a follow-up to  What does James Bond have that Home Automation doesn’t? If you haven’t read that one yet, you can catch up by clicking HERE.
Note 2: If you’ve completed your mission, congratulations. You can scroll right to the bottom to find out how to get the next mission.

This mission is only for the best. And you’re it.

I have a mission for you.

That’s right. You. Time to get up and take a challenge.

Are you up for it?


I have a feeling that you’re the type of person who knows exactly what you want.

And once you decide on it, there’s nothing that will stop you. You use everything in your power to make it happen. Whether it’s a caffeine-induced coding session at 4AM, or setting your garage up *just* the right way, you get it done.

But when it comes to geeking out your home, you’re stuck.

  • You know that you can do really fun things with your home.
  • You’ve always dreamed about making your home the Star Trek Enterprise since you were a kid.
  • And you’ve always wanted a secret doorway, not for any particular reason, but just because.
  • You admire the true DIY-ers out there who create their own hacks, instead of taking the retail shortcut.
  • And you’ve certainly wished that your home could support positive habit changes like waking up earlier, not just in you, but in your kids too.

You’ve got all these great ideas, and yet, here you are. I hate to break it to you, but you have a pretty average home. You read about great hacks in Make Magazine, Nuts & Bolts, Lifehacker, or Instructables, but you rarely ever act on them.Many of you have emailed me with crazy ideas and projects that you’ve been wanting to start.

So many great ideas, so little progress. This isn’t like you at all. I know you’re no average Joe. You already know what your mission is. But you’re not taking it on. Something’s wrong.

And you know what? I know what the issue is.

You’ve been held back.

In fact, through the dozens of responses I’ve received to the survey at the end of this page, YOU’VE told me exactly what is holding you back. (if you haven’t chipped in yet, now’s your chance to make your voice heard)

  • “There are too many options out there, I don’t even know where to start.”
  • “It’s too complicated.”
  • “I don’t know what to do”
  • “What if it goes obsolete right after I buy it?”
  • “I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong choice and end up with an expensive paperweight”
  • “I think I’ll just stay on the fence for now and see how things develop”

I hear you. Loud and clear.

Everything you’ve been telling me is a manifestation of what I call the “Q Syndrome.”


Q: “I know exactly what you need, and I can tell you how to use it in about 30 seconds”

What is the Q Syndrome, you ask? As I explain in this article, James Bond has at his disposal all the toys, tools and weapons he could ever wish for. Thousands of them piled up in MI6′s secret facilities. But sifting through these mountains of gadgets is not Bond’s speciality — he has women to seduce and bad guys to kill.

Enter Q, the Quartermaster. His role is to curate the gadgetry and outfit Bond with the right tools for the mission. He tells Bond exactly what he needs, when to use it, and how to use it. Imagine the burden that takes off the field agent.

For the massive arsenal the home automation industry has built up, there is no Quartermaster to clean it up and tell us what to use and how the hell to use it.

That’s the Q Syndrome: of course you don’t know where to start when you’re paralyzed by the sea of options!

It’s time for someone to step up and take up the role of Home Automation Quartermaster. It’s something I’ve been reluctant to do up until now, but if you know anything about me, you know that there’s nothing that pisses me off like inefficiency and lost opportunity.

This needs to be done. When I see all the unnecessary complication in home automation, I develop this massive urge to stamp it all out. Nobody should have to put up with all that bullshit.

So here’s your mission …


No, this mission does not involve defusing bombs.

YOUR mission is to modify and enhance your home exactly the way you’ve dreamed about. No compromises. No excuses. You’ll have the tools laid out right in front of you.

Through a series of mini-missions, I’ll lay out the road map for you, one step at a time. I’ll tell you what you need, what to avoid, and what tricks I’ve learned.

And together, we’ll walk the path to achieving exactly what you want. Every mission will include:

  • A set of objectives for the mission
  • A list of required equipment (and where you can get them). Rest assured, everything I recommend will be compatible and scalable for future applications.
  • Instructions for how to put everything together

How can you get the first mission?

It’s simple: you’ll receive the first assignment via email from me. The first mission will be available on Tuesday, December 20, so keep an eye on your inbox. If you’re not already on my mailing list, you can easily sign up below.

Once you’ve received the first mission, use the comment section below to ask questions. I’ll be sure to answer every one.

And when you’re finished, leave a comment below telling me “Mission Complete” so I know to send you the next one.

I’ll see you on the other side.