Day Ten: UFood Grill rocks

July 17, 2020 By Shannon Hayes Off

I was totally beaten down by Keto flu, so opted for some delivery food. We are lucky enough to have a healthy Keto option in that regard.


This place delivers and has an on-line calculator with options to add/remove any part of a meal, so you can create your order knowing the exact nutritional value.  They have grass-fed meat, offer their burgers bun-less, plus have several other low-carb options. I’d never even think about fast-food for induction if not for this place!

I feel a little guilty for turning to take-out after only a week.. but I’m so freakin’ tired! I have all weekend to cook, so will get back on the new recipe track tomorrow.

I also got my coconut oil today, which is really going to help me.  I haven’t been doing a good job of reaching my fat intake, which may be contributing to my having the flu.  Since Doug eats more meals, he’s doing a way better job than I am of sticking to the macros.  Despite this being a ‘fast-food’ day, I’m actually better on my macros than I have been all week.